Revising Issue


After executing reviews, the target documents will be revised based on review issues.
Here is described how to check issue contents and enter revised contents to a review file.

Steps of Revising Issue

The flow for revisign issues are as follows:

Checking Issue Contents

  1. Select [Tile View] or [Grid View] from [View] menu to show the issue list.
  2. It is useful to use filtering function to filter issues on the list. Click ? icon to show filtering options for issues. The filtering options are as follows:115005508688_01_en.png

    No. Option Details
    1 Status Filtering issues with specifying the status.
    2 Member Filtering Issues to which you are assigned for adding, revising, or confirming. You can set OR conditions with specifying multiple options.
    3 ID Filtering issues with specifying ID. You can set the OR conditions with specifying multiple IDs separated by a space.
    * ID is used for identifying issues in a review. It is automatically assigned to issues on adding.
    4 Key word Filtering issues with specifying text for “Description”, “Comment”, and “Custom Field 1 – 10”
  3. Move the cursor to the target issue on the list, and click [Detail] button to show the [Detail] screen.
  4. Click [Reported] button on the [Detail] screen to check the issue contents.

Revising Documents Based on Issues

You should check issues to which you are assigned for revising, and revise the target document.

Entering Revised Contents

  1. Move the cursor to the target issue on the list, and click [Detail] button to show the [Detail] screen.
  2. Click [Reported/Revised] button to show the screen for entering revised contents. You can work with a larger screen with clicking [Revise] button.
  3. Click [Click Here To Capture].
  4. Drag the area for revising to capture the screen.
  5. Specify the location for revising with dragging. A pink frame will be added.
  6. If you have multiple locations for revising, click 115005289768_05.png icon to save multiple images.
  7. Enter contents of revising in the textbox below the captured image.
  8. Click [Status] icon on the [Detail] screen or on the [Properties] pane to update the status from “Not revised”115005508688_04.png to “Revised”115005508688_05.png.

    [Detail] screen


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