Creating Review File


You should create a new review file before starting review. A review file contains review information. Here is described how to create a review file



You can create a new review file as follows:

  1. Creating Review File
    You should prepare a review file where review information is to be stored at first.

  2. Configuring General Settings of Review
    Basic information of review, such as purpose or style of review, should be specified.

  3. Adding Documents to be Reviewed
    You should add documents to be reviewed to a review file.

Creating Review File

You can create a new review file by one of the following procedures:

  • Creating a new review file
    Select [File] menu - [New] to create a review file.
    You should specify review members and issue attributes.

  • Copying a template review file
    Once you create a template review file where review members and issue attributes are specified, you only need to copy the file to start reviewing.

*It is recommended that a template review file be stored in a shared folder to share it with other members.

Configuring General Settings of Review

Please see “Configuring General Settings of Review” how to configure review information in detail.

Adding Documents to be Reviewed

Drag a file to be reviewed and drop it on to [Outline Tree]. Add a file on a shared folder for other members to access the file from the review file.

Opening a document

You can show the outline of the added document automatically with clicking 115004939587_01.png button of an added document.



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