Executing a Review


You should review target documents and add issues including defects, erros, or good points.
Lightning Review provides storing review issues and managing them with status.
Here is described how to add issues and enter issue contents.

Review Process

Process of executing reviews with Lightning Review is as follows:

  • Switching to Side Bar
    Switching the view of Lightning Review to the Side Bar to execute a review more smoothly.

Switching to Side Bar

You can utilize the Side Bar to review and revise your documents more smoothly with Lightning Review without hiding them.

You should click 115005289768_02.png on the Issue View tool bar to switch screen to the Side Bar, which... show the screen of Lightning Review to ...

The side bar is displayed at the left end of the Lightning Review screen and can be collapsed by clicking the 115005289768_03.png button. 



Adding Issue from Outline Tree

You are also able to add issues from the Outline Tree. The issue’s location in the document will be automatically set with specifying the outline.

  1. Click 115005289768_01.png icon on the outline where you are going to add an issue to show [Quick Review] window.
  2. Click the button with 115005289768_02.png icon in [Quick Review] window.
  3. Drag around the area for the issue to capture the image.
  4. On the captured image, drag the issue area to add a pink frame to specify the issue location.
  5. When you have revised multiple locations for an issue, click 115005289768_05.png icon to add multiple images.
  6. Enter issue contents in the textbox below the captured image.
    *Enter Reason of Issue for registering issue reasons.
  7. Click [Add] button to add the issue.



Adding Issue Directly from Word / Excel / PowerPoint

You can add issues directly with Lightning Review Add-in for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The issuse location is automatically entered when the outline is automatically analyzed.





Power Point


  1. Open the target document and click [Add Issue] button on [Lightning Review] tab to show [Quick Review] window of Lightning Review. The document is automatically added to Outline Tree. The result is depending on the running status of Lightning Review as follows:

    • Lightning Review is NOT running:
      A new review file is created and the target document is automatically added to Outline Tree.

    • Lightning Review is running and the target document DOES NOT EXIST on Outline Tree:
      A new review file is created and the target document is automatically added to Outline Tree.

    • Lightning Review is running and the target document EXISTS on Outline Tree:
      You will select to add the document to the opened review file or to create a new review file.

  2. For using [Quick Review] window, see Adding Issue from Outline Tree.


Setting Detailed Information in Properties

Detailed information such as importance and reviser for the added issue should be entered in Properties.

  1. Select [Tile View] or [Grid View] from [View] menu to show the issue list.
  2. Select the target issue from the list.
  3. Enter the detail fields of the issue on [Properties] pane.

    At least you should enter the following fields:
    Field Usage
    Won’t Fix Issue requires the document to be revised or not
    Status The status of processing issue
    Description Describe the issue contents.
    Revised by The member who should revise the document from the issue
    Confirmed by The member who should confirm the revised document


The following functions will help you enter detailed inforomation in Properties:

  • Changing the display order in Properties
    You will be able to confirm and enter the contents more smoothly to set frequently used fields to be displayed on the upper area.
    1. Click [Tool] menu - [Change Order of Properties] to show [Change Order of Properties] dialog box.
    2. Select field(s) from the field list in [Change Order of Properties] dialog box and click ? 115005289768_08.png button to change the display order. The order is saved for each user.
  • Updating Properties all at once
    You can set a same value for multiple issues in batch.
    1. Select multiple issues in the Issue View with pressing “Ctrl” key.
    2. Update field values in Properties, then values of Properties for selected issues are updated.


Saving Review File

Select [File] menu – [Save] to save data for added issues.
* If there is a large amount of issues and/or captured images, it may take a long time to save them.
* You cannot close Lightning Review until saving is completed.

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