You can add review issues very easily with Lightning Review. Only one click for updating status of issue and status management is useful. Therefore, your review never become dull halfway through and you can get it done.
Here is described how to operate Lightning Review regarding an execution of a review.

Roles of Members in Review

Executing review consists of the following roles of members.

Role Description
Reviewer Member who reviews the target document and adds issues.

Member who receives a review. In most cases, a reviewee creates a document to be reviewed.


Basic Process of Review

Here is described the basic process of review with Lightning Review and how to use it.

No. Step Description
1 Creating a Review File Creating a new review file of Lightning Review.
2 Executing a Review Reviewing a target document and adding issues. Issues are registered to the review file of Lightning Review.
3 Revising Documents from Issue Checking contents of issues and revising target documents. Revised issues should be registerd to the review file of Lightning Review.
4 Confirming Revised Documents Checking revised issues and setting them as finished if there is no problem. Issues will be remanded if there are still defects, and you should go back to No.3 and repeat the process untill all defects are removed.


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