Configuring Members


Members participating in review can be defined in a review file. You can use member settings for filtering issues. Here is described how to configure members.



The following items can be used for member settings.

No.  Item name Description
1 Member Names of members participating in the review.
2 Reviewed by Member who is going to add review issues.
3 Revised by Member who is going to amend or revise output documents based on issues.
4 Confirmed by Member who is going to confirm revised output documents.


How to Configure

  1. Select [File] menu - [Review Settings...] to show [Review Settings] dialog box.
  2. Select [Member] tab.
  3. Click [Add Member] and enter names of members participating in the review.115004923568_01_en.png

  4. Click [Done] button after entering options.
  5. Set checkboxes checked for each member to specify roles: Reviewed by, Revised by, and Confirmed by. 115004923568_02_en.png

Adding members all at once

You can add multiple members all at once by clicking [Edit Member] button and entering member names directly into the textbox. Each line corresponds with a member.115004923568_03_en.png

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