Lightning Review manages review information on the file (review file) basis. The following information is recorded in the review file.

  • Issues
  • Information related to review (e.g., review style, review members)
  • Information added to review issue (e.g., category, item, cause/detected processes)

Creating template review file is highly recommended as you can start and execute reviews efficiently with it.
You can also use information regarding issues and reviews in common in your team for analyzing review results.

Here is described what is included in review file and how to configure it.

What Is Included in Review File

The following items are be included in review file:

No. Contents Details
1 General Settings of Review Configuring General Settings of Review
2 Plan and Actual of Review Configuring Plan and Actual of Review
3 Members Participating in Review Configuring Members
4 Attributes of Issues in Review Configuring Attributes of Issue



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