Managing Progress of Review


Planned date and planned time for review can be entered in a review file, as well as actual date and expended time. Here is described planned and actual data included in a review file and how to configure them.


The following fields can be entered as planned and actual data of a review.

No.  Field Description
1 Planned Date Planned date for the review.
2 Planned Time (min) Expected time (minutes) for the review.
3 Planned Output Expected amount of output for the review.
4 Planned Issues Expected number of issues for the review.
5 Actual Date Actually executed date for the review.
6 Actual Time (min) Actually expended time (minutes) for the review.
7 Actual Output Actual amount of output for the review.
8 Actual Issue Number Actual number of added issues for the review, automatically tallied.


How to configure

  1. Click [File] menu - [Review Settings...] to show [Review Settings] dialog box.
  2. Select [Plan/Actual] tab.
  3. You should enter data of review plan. After review, actual data should be entered on this dialog.115007114448_01_en.png



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