Cooperating with Excel


Lightning Review contains Excel Add-in that exports review results to Excel Spreadsheet.
With using Excel Add-in, you can export review minutes to Excel in the format as it is. Required format of minutes can be exported. Here is described how to export review results to Excel.



Exporting Review Results to Excel

You don’t need to prepare minutes in Excel before a review to export its results.

  1. Open the target review file.
  2. Open an Excel file to which minutes are to be added.
  3. In Excel, click [Lightning Review] tab - [Insert Review Minutes Sheet].
    A review minutes sheet is added and the issue contents entered in Lightning Review are imported.

Batch Exporting Results of Multiple Reviews

Results of multiple reviews can be batch exported to minutes in Excel.

  1. In Excel, click [Lightning Review] tab - [Insert Review Minutes Sheet].115008745647_03_en.png
  2. Select a folder where the review file is stored.
  3. Worksheet of review minutes are added for each review file in the folder, and issue contents entered by Lightning Review are impoted.

Customizing Contents of Review Minutes

You can customize data and target cells for importing to Excel, so existing minutes and forms can be used.

  1. Open the target review file.
  2. Open an Excel file to which the issue contents in Lightning Review are to be imported.
  3. In Excel, click [Lightning Review] tab - [Show Data Sync Window].
  4. Click the [Set Current Review to be Imported] icon in [Lightning Review Data Sync] dialog box.
  5. Drag a field displayed in [Mapping] of [Lightning Review Data Sync] dialog box and drop on a table in Excel to link the field and the Excel table. Linked field in [Mapping] is shown in blue.
  6. In Excel, click [Lightning Review] tab - [Reimport].
    Data of the linked fields will be imported to the table in Excel.

Importing Data with Images to Review Minutes

You can import issue data including its images of before and after.

  1. In [Lightning Review] tab of Excel, check [Include Images].
  2. Click [Lightning Review] tab - [Reimport] to import images as well as data of the linked fields. The images will be imported to a new worksheet automatically added.115008745647_04_en.png


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