What is Lightning Review

Lightning Review is the tool that supports “review”, executed everyday in engineering activities, such as software development or hardware design.

It can be used for reviewing documents such as daily reports, and checking design of Web or images as well. It supports all phases for review activities from adding issues to confirming revised contents, checking review status, and analyzing review quality.

Major features

Executing Everyday Reviews Quickly and Simply

  • Simple Operations
    You can enter most of review information only with a mouse, such as caputuring images, setting importance and category of issues.

  • Analyzing Structure of the Review Target Automatically
    The structure of Office documentes and source codes is analyzed automatically. You don’t need to enter the location of issues, as numbers of pages and chapters are recorded automatically.

Supporting to Complete Revising Documents

  • Checking images of before and after
    It is provided to see and compare images of before and after side by side, so you can easily find the contents not revised wrongly.2018-07-11_06h51_35.png

  • Status management from remanding to re-revising
    Status management such as remanding and re-revising, frequently being ambiguous, is provided.

Graspong Plan and Actual Status of Reviews at a Glance

  • Checking statsu visually
    You can see issues in a list and grasp the review status visually as displayed issues are colored by each status.2018-06-19_16h14_23.png

  • Checkng Progress of Multiple Reviews
    You can check progress of multiple reviews, for example, whether delayed refview exists. It is easy to check the staus of each development project.

Visualizing Quality of Documents and Reviews

  • Analyzing review results
    You can add information such as category and type to visualize quality of documents and reviews.

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