Analyzing Issue Contents


Lightning Review provides tallying issue data and analyzing it easily, for example, progress of revising issues, number / proportion of each category of issues.
Here is described what to be analyzed and how to analyze with the Analysis page.

Analysis page

The Analysis page provides simple-analyzing of issues in the opened review file. This page shows data such as the progress of revising issues from numbers of reported and revised issues, and number / proportion of issues for each type and category.



  • Operation

Select [View] menu - [Analysis].

  • Displayed Contents
    1. Review summary
      No.   Field Description
      1 All Issues Number of issues in the review file
      2 Revised Issues Number of issues to be revised
      3 Won't Fix Issues Number of issues not to be revised
      4 Issues to be Revised Number of not-revised issues among all issues
      5 Progress Progress of revising issues
      Calculation formula:
      1-((Issues to be revised * 0.9 + Not-confirmed issues * 0.1) / Revised Issues)

    2. “Type” Pie Chart
      Proportion for each type is shown in a pie chart.

    3. “Importance by Priority” Bar Chart
      Numbers of issues for each priority and importance are shown in bar chart.

    4. Pareto Chart (Category)
      Some topmost options for category of issues are shown in a pareto chart.


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