Activating/deactivating license


License of Lightning Review can be activated through the Internet. Here is described how to activate a license.
* You need the product key sent be a email on purchasing.

Before Activating License

Lightning Review accesses the Internet on the authentication of its license. Your PC needs to access the following domain to make the authentication successful.

The site for license authentication


Activating License

  1. Select “Standard Edition” on [Activate License] dialog box.
  2. Enter the product key in [Product Key] and Click [Activate].

* License activation may fail when your Internet connection is via a proxy server. If it fails, you need the following network settings.

Network Settings

  1. In [Activate License] dialog box, check “Standard Edition” and click [Network Settings].
  2. Configure proxy settings in [Option] dialog box.

Deactivating License

  1. Select [Help] - [Deactivate License].
  2. Click [OK] in [Deactivate License] dialog box.


The license authentication requires communication with HTTP request header of “100-Continue”. A proxy server supporting HTTP/1.0 may fail on the license authentication. On such cases, you need one of the following actions:

  • Configure to pass through 100-Continue
  • Upgrade to a version supporting HTTP/1.1
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