To open a file to be reviewed whose name has been changed on Lightning Review


When a file to be reviewed is registered with Lightning Review, the file path will be stored as
the association information for opening the file on Lightning Review.

If a file name or storage place is changed due to an issue revision, etc., you will not be able to open the file on Lightning Review.
You will be able to open the file by changing the association information to a correct file path.

This section will introduce the method for changing the association information of the file to be reviewed.


  1. Select the file to be reviewed on Outline Tree, and right click.
  2. Specify the file to associate in [Update Document Link].


  • You can associate the file with a document with which no file has been associated. ?

The method for confirming the document association destination

Adjust the mouse cursor on the document node on Outline Tree. You can confirm the path of the document association destination with a Tool chip.


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